Traumatic Brain Injury May Increase Risk of Stroke

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Traumatic brain injury is otherwise known as intracranial injury and it occurs when there are traumatic injuries coming from external force that affects the brain. Among the few of its causes include vehicular accidents as well as falls. It is considered to be the third most common injury that may be a result from child abuse. Domestic violence is as well another factor that may cause traumatic brain injury. The trauma to the brain happens when there is a focal impact to the head that is due to an abrupt acceleration or deceleration within the cranium or by the complex combination of the abrupt movement as well as the abrupt impact. Both of the alterations in the cerebral flow of blood and the pressure within the skull are contributing factors to the damage from the initial injury.

brain-shockThere has been a study showing a strong association between the traumatic brain injuries that will later develop to ischemic stroke. Individuals who have suffered from traumatic brain injury are more likely become candidates to have stroke in the future. The study has shown that there have been more patients having stroke who have history of experiencing traumatic brain injury. Possibilities of this may include that the brain injury could have been damaging the blood vessels in the brain which then have disturbed the blood supply to the brain that had led to the development of stroke.

Both traumatic brain injury and stroke are common and considered to be costly as well as the leading causes of severe adult disability. Following the adjustment for the factors affecting the risk for stroke like the age, high cholesterol level, high blood pressure, and heart diseases, the researchers have found that the individuals who may have experienced the traumatic brain injury were thirty percent more likely to be developing a stroke compared to those individuals who have trauma but without injury to the brain.

With the correlation of traumatic brain injury and stroke, it is essential to become aware of the important facts about the brain injury as this may be a factor to help one become aware of any impending risks that may occur for the development of stroke. Frequently, traumatic brain injury is classified according to severity, injury’s anatomical features, and the mechanism or causative forces like the penetrating or non-penetrating head injury.

As stroke may be due to one of the many causes like the traumatic brain injury, it is then vital to be aware of the preventive measures in the development of traumatic brain injury. With motor vehicular accidents, be safer by using seat belts, motorcycle helmets, and child safety seats. For prevention of falls, install grab bars or handrails at home. Moreover, make certain to wear protective gears when engaging to contact sports.

Traumatic brain injury may already have an association with ischemic stroke and further studies is also needed in order to have better assessment of its correlation like characterizing the clinical features for both traumatic brain injury and the subsequent stroke.