How Brain Injuries Can Increase Dementia Risk

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Brain injury is any injury that occurs in the brain. This may be classified along various dimensions. The primary and the secondary brain injury pertain to the ways in classifying the processes of the injury occurring in brain injury. The focal and the diffuse brain injury are the ways in classifying the extent of the location of the injury in the brain.

Head injuries seem to be posing more hazards for seniors in comparison to those individuals belonging to the middle-aged group. According to a study, brain injuries have an association with having an increased risk of dementia in adults who are 55 years old and above. The research is suggesting that the inflammation occurring after the head injury may be encouraging the formation of the plaques as well as the tangles which are considered as the hallmarks of Alzheimer’s disease.

elderly-patientHaving a blow to the head may cause damage to the chances of the individual to stay cognitively healthy in the future. There has been a sixty percent increase in the odds of developing dementia following a traumatic brain injury according to the research. The trauma can be one among the several factors that contributed to the depletion of the cognitive reserves of the individual. Other possibilities are also considered like the dementia may be due to the disruption of the axon transport or the blood-brain barrier damage.

It has been surprising that the older brain is indeed vulnerable to traumatic brain injury without having consideration of the severity of the traumatic brain injury. The younger brain then can be more resilient to mild traumatic brain injury or may be needing more time in order for the symptoms of dementia be shown. In any case, it is very essential that efforts must be exerted in order to prevent the occurrence of head injuries among the older adults. Majority of the doctors as well as the patients have the understanding on the vitality to prevent falls for the prevention of bodily injuries. The study is suggesting that the prevention of falls may not just prevent only the bodily injury but as well help in the prevention of dementia.

Various studies have different results with regards to the link of brain injuries to the risk of having dementia. It is unclear yet on how the brain injuries could be leading to dementia. It does not give proof that the injury is actually causing a decline to the mental status of the person. People aging 55 years old who may have moderate to severe brain injury may have increased risk of dementia. For individuals aging 65 years old and above the risk for having dementia is increased even with just having a mild brain injury.

Individuals who have had more than one traumatic brain injury will be having doubled chance of acquiring dementia. It is essential that the people will take safety precautions in order to lower the risk of developing dementia. This can be done by living a healthy lifestyle, doing regular exercise, and wearing protective gear like helmets especially when driving or playing contact sports.