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How Brain Injuries Can Increase Dementia Risk

Brain injury is any injury that occurs in the brain. This may be classified along various dimensions. The primary and the secondary brain injury pertain to the ways in classifying the processes of the injury occurring in brain injury. The focal and the diffuse brain injury are the ways in classifying the extent of the […]

Traumatic Brain Injury May Increase Risk of Stroke

Traumatic brain injury is otherwise known as intracranial injury and it occurs when there are traumatic injuries coming from external force that affects the brain. Among the few of its causes include vehicular accidents as well as falls. It is considered to be the third most common injury that may be a result from child […]

Diffuse Axonal Injury

Diffuse axonal injury, or termed as DAI, is typically observed in traumatic or closed head injuries. It is one of the most common but also fatal kinds of head injury. It’s a condition that is not easy to detect even through diagnostic imaging such as the CT Scan. Diffuse axonal injury may lead to unconsciousness, […]

Concussion Symptoms

Concussion refers to the traumatic injury to the brain altering the various brain functions. Concussions are frequently caused by blows to the head and they also happen when there is a violent shaking on both of the head and upper body. Concussions are common and can injure the brain to some extent which will need […]

Head Trauma in Children

Head injury in children is a trauma causing injuries to the brain, skull, and scalp. It can be a minor skull bump or even a serious injury to the brain. The external injuries involve the scalp wherein a minor cut can lead to profuse bleeding because the scalp has lots of blood vessels. The swelling […]

Types of Head Trauma

Head injuries are the trauma affecting the scalp, skull, or brain which varies from mild to severe. There are injuries which are producing hemorrhage within the skull while others are damaging the outside part of the head. The injuries can appear in various forms including bruises, lacerations, and bumps. The brain receives various kinds of […]

Acquired Brain Injury

Acquired brain injury, which is otherwise known as traumatic brain injury, happens when there is an external, sudden, physical assault that causes brain damage. It is regarded as one among the most common causes of both disability and death of the adults. It may be described as focal which affects one site of the brain […]