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Natural Remedies for Anxiety

There are many natural remedies for anxiety and depression that can help you begin to get a new sense of well-being and comfort. Of course, there are tons of different prescriptions and other medicines that are available for us and for our ills, but some of us simply prefer to avoid this type of treatment, […]

Head Trauma Treatment

Head trauma is caused by a sudden force hitting the head, causing injury to the brain. Brain trauma can either be an effect of the head forcefully hitting a hard object (closed head trauma) or when a penetrating object punctures the skull and affects the brain (penetrating head trauma). Head trauma can be classified according […]

Head Trauma Recovery

The brain is considered as an amazing organ with the power to mysteriously heal itself. It is a known fact that the brain cell, or neuron, does not have the capacity to regenerate. Following a trauma to the brain, some of the brain cells deteriorate and die. Though surprisingly, a number of brain trauma patients […]